Beef Brisket


Brisket is a tough cut of meat, but this toughness can be counteracted with long, slow cooking which gives the chance for the abundance of connective tissue to break down and gelatinize into a rich, tender meat. … Brisket is the cut of meat used to make corned beef and pastrami.

Supplied by Glovers quality Meats: The animals from our farms are bred and reared under our supervision ensuring full traceability. They are fed on cereals and feed produced by the farm, supplemented with natural mineral concentrates for optimum health & well-being, enabling the farm to guarantee a diet that is 100% hormone and additive free.


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Weight 1 kg
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1kg (minimum weight)

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We recommend use within 3 days after delivery. Keep refrigerated. Once opened, use within 24 hours.

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